PLAYERS, Managers, and Statisticians' Responsibility 

Guiding basketball team managers and statisticians


Academic Requirements

Basketball team managers and statisticians generally attend high school/college as students. These student managers and statisticians must maintain good academic performance in their classes. If they fail to maintain satisfactory grades, coaches may remove or suspend them from the position. Team managers and statisticians must also attend courses unless traveling with the team. They must notify teachers before scheduling conflicts and arrange to submit assignments at other suitable times.

Athlete Physical Requirements

All Athletes who are trying out need to be cleared before they participate. All the information is on on how to get cleared to participate. Please remind the kids to turn in their packets and do their HCAMP concussion education. HCAMP must be completed before try-out on Nov 13.  

Link to Team Consent Forms Varsity

Link to Team Consent Forms JV

To get cleared:

1. Turn in completed Athletic Participation Packets to Athletic Trainers.

Forms are online:

2. Complete HCAMP: (concussion education)

3. ImPACT concussion testing: schedule with Athletic Trainers

Five practices completed & ImPACT test is required before scrimmage/game.


Team Managers and Statistics 

They arrive at the gym an hour before the players, depart long after practice ends, and do whatever is necessary for the team's well-being. The high school/college basketball team manager and statistics job requires serious dedication, as managers must have a passion for the game. If you want to work as a team manager, you must understand all the job requirements and prepare yourself for success.


Statisticians Job Description 

Basketball statisticians record and report data from basketball games and analyze past information on players and teams.  The information you document may include how many points or errors each player makes in the game, the score at the end of each quarter, and when players are sub into or out of the game. We have a program that keeps all the info; you must put the information in, and to do that, you must know the game. You will travel with the team to collect information live during each game, or you may watch a live or recorded game broadcast to get statistics on our opponents. At practice, you will take videos and record shooting statistics of players.


Manager Job Description

Coaches and players spend their time focusing on practice and games. This leaves the team manager to deal with many of the behind-the-scenes organizational tasks. He arranges water at practice, keeps the bench clear and organizes, meals, packs players’ bags for road games, cleans uniforms, orders and maintains equipment, carries and fills water bottles, helps prepare on-road practices, and corresponds with coaches. The job is behind-the-scenes prep work and cleanup. With dozens of tasks to tackle each day, the manager must have strong organizational skills. He must manage time well and be orderly. 


Broad Basketball Knowledge

Team managers must possess a broad knowledge of the game. These student managers must understand all signals used by basketball officials and be able to follow the game. They must understand the terminology used in basketball, and they must understand the rules of college basketball and the rules of high school the NFHS. 


Technology Skills

Like the statistics manager, the team manager uses software programs and a laptop or tablet computer to keep statistical information from all of the team’s games and practices. Coaches use stat reports to monitor the team’s performance. At the high school level, team managers also send statistics to the school’s sports information director, and keep the teams’ website current with information, you send statistics to local and national media and uses social media to report breaking news and generate interest in the team. Team managers produce and edit games and practice videos, too. There's much problem-solving using basketball simulation game technology.


Behavioral Requirements

Student managers and Statisticians must exhibit proper conduct when representing the team. They must follow the team’s rules, the NFHS/NCAA, and Farrington’s Code of Champions. Team managers and statisticians must show sportsmanship, respectfulness, and courtesy and adhere to team dress and appearance policies. Team managers must not involve themselves in wrongdoing and must not provide any information to individuals involved in the team. They cannot violate local, state, or federal laws.



Excuses are little, petty things that most athletes learn early to avoid. No one likes excuses, and most athletes know that. But justification is an entirely different ball game.  Many players and coaches who are proud of not making excuses for their failures nevertheless often feel justified when they fail. So, please be careful about adding a reason to the level of a justification.  It would be good to eliminate excuses from your talking and justifications (reasons) from your thinking.  Be accountable and take responsibility for all your actions.

Coach Batoon

“Talk openly about values. Modeling is important, but just as important is having explicit and frequent conversations about what we genuinely value. Aim for those one hundred one-minute ongoing conversations, not just one big lecture yearly. Ask your kids if they see you as actually valuing the things that you say you value.”

– Jennifer Breheny Wallace

“Every pro starts as an amateur. No top artist, athlete, writer, scientist, architect, entrepreneur, programmer, musician, or potter enters the field at the top of her game. To begin or learn anything new means you will be a neophyte. It would be best if you went from outsider to insider. Respect that. Embrace it. Be willing to suck.”

– Marie Forleo


The COC participation checks will start in the Fall. They will send each Team a list of student-athletes who are not eligible to participate in games beginning next week, November 26th - December 2nd.  If your student-athletes have a grade of F or have a GPA below 2.0, they will be deemed ineligible to participate in games the following week. They have a second chance to get re-eligible by Tuesday @ 3:00 PM of that week if they can improve their grade of F in that class and make that 2.0 GPA.

Grades are usually pulled/snapshotted each Friday morning.  Because of the extended holiday, we will pull grades tomorrow morning, and you will be notified of your student-athlete eligibility tomorrow afternoon around 3 PM.  The benefit of this week is that the student-athletes found ineligible have a few extra days to work on improving their grades.

If found ineligible, inform your student-athlete(s):

1)  about their grade(s) in each failing/close to failing class and urge them to seek tutoring/help from those teachers and get caught up on their assignments by next Tuesday's Second Chance Re-eligibility;

2)  urge them to start on the final day of the 3 PM deadline as teachers need time to grade their work, update their grades in IC, and notify you by the 3:00 PM deadline.  If they can get eligible before that second chance due date, the better, and

3)  that they are responsible for reminding the teacher to email you (coach) and me (Mark Tom) of any update to their grade.

Hopefully, they can regain eligibility by Tuesday at 3 PM's Second Chance Re-eligibility.  Until then, they are ineligible to play in next week's games.